In the Heart of Big Mountain

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One Diné family struggle with the federal government over the forced relocation of Diné families.



Directed and produced by Sandra Sunrising Osawa (Makah), In the Heart of Big Mountain tells the story of the members of one Diné family— through the eyes and words of matriarch Katherine Smith—who are involved in a bitter dispute with the federal government over the issue of forced relocation of Diné families from their homeland in Big Mountain. The strength of Osawa’s intimate portrait is that it unflinchingly deals with the traumatic consequences of forced relocation—the emotional trauma that often results in physical illness, alcoholism, and even suicide.  Appropriate for grades 5 and up.




Director: Sandra Sunrising Osawa (Makah)

Format: DVD, color, 28 minutes. 

Availability: Available for home-use OR with public performance rights.

Published: 1995

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo, Makah