Hide and Sneak

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Allashua learns the importance of of not wandering too far from home, lest the Ijiraq hide her so that she can never be found.



When Allashua goes out to play hide and seek, her mother warns her: “Don't go too far away. An Ijiraq might hide you, and if an Ijiraq hides you, no one will ever find you again.” Of course, the child wanders off, comes upon a pond of tiny prickly fish, is enthralled by a nest of baby birds, and rocks, and ducks on the lake, and—she forgets to hide. And meets the Ijiraq, who wants to play “hide-and-sneak” with her. But Allashua is no wimp, and finds a way to outwit the Ijiraq; with the help of an inuksugaq, finds her way home.



Author: Michael Kusugak (Inuit)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Vladana Langer Krykorka

Binding Availability: Paperback or Hardcover

Published: 2009

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Inuit