My Arctic 1, 2, 3

$8.00 each


A counting book that shows the relationships between humans, the animals and the environment.



“I grew up in the Arctic Circle,” writes Kusugak. “When I was a little boy we hunted seals, caribou and whales. But we did not hunt animals all the time. Mostly, we watched them.” My Arctic 1, 2, 3 is clearly more than a counting book—it shows the relationships between the humans and the animals and between the different animals in an environment that demands that this relationship be understood. Each two-page spread shows a certain number of animals on the left, and the animals they hunt on the right. The story comes full circle at the last page that show, at the left, Kusugak’s extended family picking “millions of berries (that) ripen in the fall,” and, on the right, “One lone polar bear walks along the shore, thinking of seals. It sees the berry pickers and says, ‘Never mind. They do not look like a very good meal.’”



Author: Michael Kusugak (Inuit)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Vladana Langer Krykorka

Binding Availability: Paperback or Hardcover

Published: 2006

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Inuit