A Promise is a Promise

$7.00 each


A beautiful and slightly scary tale to teach children the importance of listening to their parents.


On the first warm day of spring, young Allashua goes out, promising her mom that she would fish in the lake and not on the frozen ocean where the Qallupilluit hang out, waiting to grab children who aren’t with their parents. And, after all, a promise is a promise. Well, you know where she goes, and that’s not her worst mistake—it’s bragging about her fishing skills in front of the Qallupilluit, with their blue and green hair, their long white fingers, and their long green fingernails. Promising the Qallupilluit to bring her brothers to them—and a promise is a promise, Allashua runs home to get her mother. Together, the two are more than a match for the wily Qallupilluit, and it all ends just fine. A Promise Is a Promise is a delight: With a warm, loving family to offset the scary parts, a telling done with a light hand and great good humor, and illustrations that are just perfect.


Author: Robert Munsch and Michael Kusugak (Inuit)

Illustrations: Color paintings by Vladyana Krykorka

Binding Availability: Paperback Only

Published: 1991

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Inuit