Father's Boots: Azhé'é Bikénidoots'osii

$18.00 each


Written in Navajo and English.

Three Navajo brothers go to their grandmother Sally's hogan each year for the winter holidays, where she tells them stories about the holy people, "Long, long ago when the holy people created the earth from the center of the universe, there was no one to enjoy their creation and there was no one to harvest the fruits of the world." At first the brothers think the stories are long and boring, especially because grandmother tells them at night when they are trying to sleep. But one day at school, just before the holidays, they begin to explore the stories and understand their deeper meaning. And suddenly they can't wait to learn more. Father's Boots shares the three brothers journey between school and home, as they retell one of grandmother's stories in Navajo and English, and learn that in retelling the stories they ask their family to have good thoughts, good feelings, to get along and have happy words for one another. Whitethorne's illustrations are extraordinary; bold, vibrant, and full of life.  Written in Navajo and English.



Author: Baje Whitethorne

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Baje Whitethorne

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 2001

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo