Hidden Roots

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This new edition of one of Bruchac’s most important novels includes historical context for the story and discussion questions.


Recently back in print, this new edition of one of Joseph Bruchac’s most important novels includes a description of the historical context for the story and discussion questions to delve deeper into the difficult issues raised.  Through good storytelling Hidden Roots, helps us look at really difficult issues from history that continue to have negative consequences for us today.
Oyate Board member Judy Dow writes: "Hidden Roots focuses on the greater impact that the generations of Abenaki that followed had to deal with. Readers will learn about the loss of identity, history and culture; lack of self worth and fear that Abenaki people were feeling, and still feel today. Middle grade readers love to see life as 'being fair,'  and will totally understand that life is not fair in this story. This is a book that should be read in every middle school class, so that this history will not be forgotten, and never be repeated."
From Debbie Reese: "In the United States, Native men and women were sterilized against their will and without their knowledge. In an unflinching—yet sensitive—manner, Bruchac gives his readers a story of one of the darkest periods in American history. Hidden Roots is one of his best works and should be required reading in every school in the country."



Author: Joseph Bruchac

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2010

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Abenaki