Drew Lacapa: For Real

$19.00 each


An Apache, Hopi, and Tewa, Drew has an eclectic and vibrant vein of rich American Indian humor. Recorded live at the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino.

Drew Lacapa is more that an accomplished, Native stand up comedian, he is a skilled master of ceremonies, a dedicated volunteer, a former service man in the U.S. Navy and most important a family man and grandpa. An Apache, Hopi, Tewa, Drew enjoys life on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. His humor is an eclectic vibrant vein of rich humor of the American Indian.

The DVD cover says Drew is "The funniest man in Indian Country," we're not sure if that's true, but he is pretty funny and very irreverent, "nothing is sacred" as they say. Drew will tell a joke about pretty much anything and pull it off.

This DVD was recorded live at the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino, Pinetop, AZ on 31 May 2003, by (as the cover states) Real Live Professional Indians.


Director: Drew Lacapa

Format: DVD, color motion picture, 69 minutes

Published: 2004

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Apache, Hopi, Tewa