Goose Girl

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10-year-old Marie has a special bond with the geese, given to her for a purpose.



When Marie is about ten years old, her family recognizes that her bond with the geese, her ability to communicate with them, is a thing given to her for a purpose. As grandfather and child offer tobacco to the geese, Marie becomes Niskaw, and she is charged with the responsibility of bringing the healings of the geese to her people. It becomes her life’s work to visit the sick and comfort the dying, and to call on the geese to take people’s spirits home. Cree and French words and phrases woven into the narrative enhance the feeling of the story and Brynjolson’s lovely oil paintings—some detailed, some stylized, some shaded, some filled with light— acknowledge both the physical and the spiritual worlds. They complement this gentle story of a Cree/Métis child and her role in her family and community.



Author: Joseph McLellan (Métis) and Matrine McLellan (Ojibwe/Cree)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Rhian Brynjolson

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2007

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Métis, Ojibwe, Cree