Nanabosho and Kitchie Odjig

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This traditional story teaches the importance of listening to one's elders.



One night, while the stars light their way to their grandparents’ house, Winona and Billy think about the constellations. While they help Mishomis feed the dogs, he tells them about Kitchie Odjig, the Great Fisher (known by some as the Big Dipper). When Kitchie Odjig teaches Nanabosho the song for bringing the shores of the lake together, he also warns him not to sing the song that will push the shores of the lake apart. So Nanabosho, being ever curious, of course tries it out... The lessons, of course, are that it’s not wise to push the shores of a lake apart, and it’s a good thing to listen to your elders.



Authors: Joseph McLellan (Métis) and Matrine McLellan (Ojibwe/Cree)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Lloyd Swampy (Ojibwe) and Jeff Burling

Binding Availability: Paperback 

Published: 1997

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Métis, Ojibwe, Cree