Nanabosho Grants a Wish

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What Billy learns from Mishomis (and Nanabosho) to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.



During his sister Nonie’s birthday party, Billy voices his wish for continued snow—a perfect opportunity for Mishomis to tell everyone a Nanabosho story. In this one, a frustrated Nanabosho sees that the more he does for people, the more they want of him.  So he gives them exactly what they ask for; sometimes this is very good and sometimes not so much.  What Billy learns from Mishomis (and from Nanabosho) is to be careful when you wish for things, because you just might get what you are wishing for.



Authors: Joseph McLellan (Métis) and Matrine McLellan (Ojibwe/Cree)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Lloyd Swampy (Ojibwe)

Binding Availability: Paperback 

Published: 2000

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Métis, Ojibwe, Cree