American Indian Timekeeping Devices

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Focuses on the ways Indian people have understood and recorded the passage of time, and how events were documented and are remembered.

American Indian Timekeeping Devices is part of the Inside the Culture Series of Teacher Guides produced by the Anoka-Hennepin Indian Education Project. This guide focuses on the ways Indian people have understood and recorded the passage of time. And the ways important events were documented and are remembered.
The goal of the series is to provide students with a better understanding of the contributions of American Indian peoples to the collective intellectual achievements of humanity. The four richly illustrated workbooks include teacher information and student handouts and activities. Designed for fifth-grade students, these can easily be modified for other grades. The series was developed for the American Indian Language and Culture Education program, Anoka-Hennepin School District, Minnesota State Department of Education and is illustrated by Red Lake Ojibwe artist Robert Desjarlait. The four titles in the Inside the Culture Series are: American Indian Astronomy, American Indian Communications Systems, American Indian Timekeeping Devices, American Indian Toys and Games.

A second series Called the Grandmother Spider’s Web Series has been developed to be incorporated into the secondary education curriculum and includes the following titles: Grandmother Spider’s Web: Incorporating American Indian Themes into the Secondary Curriculum; Modern Indian Issues: Repatriation, Religious Freedom, Mascots and Stereotypes, Tribal Sovereignty, Tribal Government, Tribal Enterprises, Treaty Rights; Ojibway Family Life in Minnesota: 20th Century Sketches and Traditional Indian Stories: Selections from the Ojibway, Cherokee and Hopi Nations.

Other titles from Anoka-Hennepin include: Plants and Their Uses by the Chippewa Indian People (Teacher Guide and Student Booklet) and Ni-Mi-Win:A History of Ojibway Dance.

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Author: Patricia Buffalohead and Robert Desjarlait

Illustrations: Black & white illustrations by Robert Desjarlait

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1988

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various U.S. tribes