American Outrage

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Two Western Shoshone elders, Carrie and Mary Dann, endure decades of struggles against federal marshals for rights to their own land.

Two Western Shoshone sisters, Carrie and Mary Dann, endure terrifying roundups by federal marshals in which thousands of their horses and cattle are confiscated, for the crime of grazing them on the open range outside their private ranch—even though that range is recognized by the U.S. as Western Shoshone land. After being sued by the government for trespassing, their dispute went to the Supreme Court, and eventually the United Nations.

Why has the U.S. spent millions persecuting and prosecuting two elderly women grazing a few hundred horses and cows in desolate desert? The Dann sisters say the real reason is the resources hidden beneath this seemingly barren land, their Mother Earth: is it the second largest gold producing area in the world.


Awards: Endorsed by Human Rights Watch

Director: George Gage and Beth Gage

Format: DVD, color, 56 minutes

Published: 2008

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Western Shoshone